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Best Volleyball Position for Short Players? (Explained ...

Libero is a perfect position for short players. If you check the best volleyball players in this position, you will notice they are usually below the average height. This is because Libero doesn’t have to execute moves that require height, like jumping and spiking.

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Back to Basics: Volleyball Player Positions Setter. The setter is the main contributor to the offense of the volleyball team. One of the requirements of the setter... Outside Hitter. The outside hitter is also known as the left-side hitter and is the lead attacker in the offensive... Opposite ...

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Playing Positions in Volleyball. Volleyball positions in a team: Outside hitter (also called wing spiker, left side) Right side hitter (wing spiker, right side) Opposite Hitter (attacker) Setter. Middle Blocker (center, middle hitter) Libero. Defensive Specialist.

What position should the shortest player of a volleyball team ...

The shortest player should play the position best suited to their strengths and those of their teammates. Typically, shorter volleyball players will play libero or defensive specialist, since their height helps them get low enough to absorb hard hits/serves from the opposing team.

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The volleyball positions are: Outside Hitter (Left Side, Left Wing Spiker) Middle Hitter (Middle Blocker) Opposite Hitter (Right Side, Right Wing Spiker) Setter Libero Defensive Specialist Serving Specialist

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A player will START in a numbered position, but as they rotate throughout the game, each player moves through each of the numbered positions. The player in position 1 will start the rally with a serve, and will continue to start each rally with a serve until her team loses a rally. That is called a sideout for the other team.

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The setter is to volleyball what the quarterback is to football. This volleyball position is often the most sought after. They are running the show and calling out the plays and running the offense for the team. It is their job to make sure the ball is where it needs to be so that a hitter can put it away. The second hit is owned by the setter.

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In fact the shortest Libero’s currently playing in the NVL are Jiajie Chen who plays for China and Taichiro Koga who plays for Japan. Both of these players stand at 170cm or 5 Feet 6.9 Inches. If you are particularly short but fancy yourself as a capable defender then the Libero is a perfect role for you.