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Common Tennis Injury Prevention and Treatment

Types of Tennis Injuries Overuse Injuries. Overuse injuries occur over time due to stress on the muscles, joints, and soft tissues without proper... Traumatic Injuries. Acute or traumatic injuries occur due to a sudden force or impact and can be quite dramatic. ... Miscellaneous Injuries. There are ...

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The most common injuries include: Tennis elbow: This is an overuse of the muscles that extend and bend the wrist. The muscles are most impacted when the... Shoulder injuries: Typically due to poor strengthening of the rotator cuff muscles, these injuries often irritate... Stress fractures: Stress ...

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5 Common Tennis Injuries and How We Treat Them

5 Common Tennis Injuries 1. Tennis Elbow. Also a common golf injury, tennis elbow occurs when tennis players bend and flex their elbows quickly... 2. Torn Rotator Cuff. Because the shoulder is central to the operation of the arm, it can often be worn down to begin... 3. Achilles Tendon Rupture. ...

Injury Abdominal Muscle Strain - International Tennis Federation

An abdominal muscle strain is a partial tear or pull of one of the abdominal muscles. The injury usually affects the (non-dominant side of the) straight abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis) (figure 1), but the internal and external oblique abdominal muscles (the obliquus internus abdominis and obliquus externus abdominis) may also be injured. Abdominal muscular strains are a common occurrence for tennis players at all levels. The tennis serve is the

Injury Calf Muscle Strain - International Tennis Federation | ITF

tennis injury that often occurs in players in the 35 to 50 age group. This muscle injury may occur as a result of a sudden contraction of the calf muscles, for instance during a sprint. Figures 1 and 1a. Calf muscle strain ('Tennis leg'). Symptoms are a sudden, sharp or burning pain in the leg, sometimes accompanied by an audible sound.

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Abdominal and Groin Injuries. Abdominal muscle strain is one of the most common injuries related specifically to tennis players because the abdominal musculature plays a significant role in the service motion. 40 These debilitating injuries can give rise to prolonged periods of discomfort and withdrawal from competition due to the athlete’s inability to serve effectively.

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Rotator Cuff Injury. The tendons and four muscles that make up the rotator cuff provide stability and rotate the shoulder. A rotator cuff injury can happen suddenly or gradually over time. Overusing the rotator cuff by swinging a tennis racket again and again can cause a rotator cuff tear.

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Pain in the wrist, arm and elbow in tennis players is quite common and is frequently seen in the occasional or seasonal player. Professional players tend to have more chronic conditions from years of repetitive strainon joints and soft tissue. Tennis is quite strenuous on the persons whole arm, and injury is usually the result of poor technique, incorrect equipment or over used muscles, tendons and ligaments.