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Women’s Volleyball Recruiting Guidelines | Average Height by ...

Average volleyball player height: 5’10” Average height range: 19.8% of athletes are 6’0” and taller; 61% of athletes are between 5’9” and 5’11” Club experience: National-level experience; open level preferred; Division 3. Average volleyball player height: 5’9” Average height range: 58.4% of players are between 5’8” to 5’10”

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Low D1/High D2 Setter Physical Measurables: Height: 5'8" - 6'0" Stats: 9’4” Approach Jump; Coach Keys: National club level experience

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Height for NCAA Division I Volleyball Setters

Within this system, you will find setters which may be shorter than 5'8" but they will still be taller than 5'3". It is very rare, but some schools will run a 6-0 offense, in which the setters hit when they rotate to the front row - In this system, the setters tend to be 5'10" and up because they are also attackers.

Volleyball Plays Why A Setters Sets Vary In Speed, Height And ...

High ball sets are the slowest but highest sets a setter delivers in most volleyball plays they call. Zone 4. Four set - high ball 8 - 10 feet in the air delivered to the left side hitter. Zone 3. Zone 2. Five set - a high ball 6 - 8 feet in the air delivered over the head of the setter to the opposite hitter.

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My setter at one time was 6′6. The previous setter was 6′1. The speed of the first tempo with a 6′6 setter who likes to jump set, versus a 6′1 setter that likes to set from the ground is worlds apart. I could leave the ground a little late with the 6′1 setter and still make good contact with the ball.

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Setter volleyball skills and recruiting guidelines. Division 1; top Division 2. Average height range: 6’1”–6’5”. Club experience: 3–5 years elite club experience. High school experience: 2–4 year varsity starter. Division 2; top Division 3. Average height range: 6’0”–6’4”. Club experience: 2–5 years national/elite club experience.

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The zones and heights were then combined to provide a two-digit specifier for each set. Thus, a standard high set to the outside (left) hitter is a 14 – zone 1, height 4. A middle quick is a 51 – zone 5, height 1. Now, for practical purposes most teams do not use the two digit calls in play.

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If you’re between 180 cm-185 cm, it’s a good chance for you to be a setter. Setters aren’t usually huge. In order to set the ball, you don’t need your height that much. However, setters are in charge of blocking. That means that you can be 180 cm, but in that case, you have to jump quite high.